Is my dog too young / too old for training?

Dog's never stop learning.  This type of training is effective with dogs of all ages.  From very young puppies to geriatric dogs, all benefit from concept-based games training.  

Have you ever trained a "insert breed / mix here"?

All dogs learn using the same basic principles - what is rewarded is repeated.  Individual dogs across a single breed may show significant variation in behaviors.  Often dogs within a breed are as different as dogs from different breeds.    That being said, all training starts with you completing a questionnaire regarding your dog's breed, specific behaviors and training history.  Using that information, you will be taught to train the dog in front of you.  

Is this training beneficial for a competition or working dog?

Absolutely!  Concept training can build a dog that is confident in new environments, focused on it's owner or the task at hand, and able to think in situations of high excitement.  These are incredibly beneficial skills whether in a home environment, at a competition, or in a working situation.  

What vaccinations are required for class?

For classes at Kuenzi's Family Pet Boarding facility, your dog must be current on the following vaccines:  DHLPP, rabies, and bordatella (within 1 year) and must have a clear fecal test within 1 year).  

How do we get started?

After you contact me, I will send you a questionnaire regarding your dog's behavior, training history and your goals.  Please take the time to provide detailed and complete information as this will help me effectively plan for our consultation or group classes..