Dog training using positive reinforcement, force free, relationship-building techniques to help you achieve your goals.

Why Games?

Beyond traditional obedience training


Concept training using games goes beyond traditional behavior training of cues like sit, down, stay, etc. (but of course, we teach those, too).  By using simple, fun, 3 minute games, we teach our dogs concepts like confidence, self-control, optimism in the face of sometimes scary things, calmness and value in being close to us. The concepts taught transcend specific situations to provide real life results.   

Real life results


Have you ever taken a training class and at the end of 5 or 6 weeks, you have a dog that can perform perfect sits, downs and loose leash walking in the class environment and in your kitchen, but cannot focus on you and make good choices in real world environments?  This is the difference between traditional positive training and concept training through games.  Through simple games, you can reshape your dog's brain and how they see the world.

Training concepts, not behaviors


Dog training is no longer a chore that ‘must be done daily’ but becomes a series of fun games that you and your dog enjoy throughout the day.  Positive reinforcement training using concepts and games helps achieve a dog that is calm in the house, focused during walks, confident in new environments and able to make good choices in the real world.  We help you change your dog’s struggles into strengths. 


Force free, positive training

All of my dog training methods are force free, use positive reinforcement training and are solidly based in the science of how dogs learn.  Games are enjoyable for both you and your dog.  You will find that you both look forward to training.  Concept training can help you build the relationship with your dog that you have dreamed of.  


How does concept training work?

Concept training can reshape your dog's personality and how they view the world..  Check out this short video by Tom Mitchell, a co-founder of Absolute Dogs and one of the creators of games-based concept training, explaining concept training:


Where can games take you?

I look forward to working with you to turn your struggles into strengths.